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Ivette Valenzuela is a graphic designer, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Northwestern University (Universidad del Noroeste) in Mexico. Born in Mexico in 1974, she currently resides in Reno, Nevada. Ivette has developed an important line of work in the field of art and culture, poster design, books, and catalogs. She has designed posters for important festivals in dance, music, book fairs, cinema, and theatre.


Ivette considers the poster as the master piece of graphic design, and the reaction that this provokes is similar to love at first sight. It can evoke a strong shock of emotions and reactions in less than 30 seconds.


To name some, Ivette’s work has been published in a! Diseño, Mexico (2006), the catalog of Premio Quorum, Mexico (2008), the first Mexican graphic design directory by Centro and Promexico (2012), Graphis, New York (2012), the catalog of selection of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico.


Currently, Ivette is collaborating with Central de Diseño in Mexico in in the development of art for interactive exhibitions in museums.

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